About me…Winnie :)

It was my mother’s dream—to see the world, visit a thousand and one places, and live a life she thought she could only read about in stories. Of course, life has other plans and, instead, she and my dad had me. And before she could realize her dream of traveling, she passed away when I was sixteen.

This isn’t a sad story, though. It isn’t a happy one either. But it’s mine.

See, my mother passed on that dream to me now, and this is how my story goes.

My name is Winnie – yes, like the pooh; yes, you can laugh – and I’m 27. Born and raised in Blackpool, studied in London, and now I’m an English teacher. I’m also certified to teach English as a second language, which allows me to find employment pretty much anywhere in the world—so that’s what I do.

I’m an English teacher slash globetrotting explorer slash well, travel blogger now, I suppose.

I’ve been traveling with my husband, John, for the last 3 years. He’s an author-slash-archaeologist… you might have read a few of his articles or books and never even know it. He likes to keep to himself and is very, very private so you won’t be seeing him a lot on here, unfortunately, but I’ll be sure to put in his truly blog-worthy dad jokes and terrible puns whenever I can. Also, he’s the one behind the camera so any photographs are thanks to his keen eye.

So, that’s my story. In three years, we’ve traveled to 14 countries so far, and we don’t plan on stopping. This blog will be a collection of those travels, as well as perhaps some tips and tricks about this kind of lifestyle, if you find yourself interested in that sort of thing—and let me tell you, it’s not that easy or glamorous. There is a certain allure to waking up to a different view every few days or weeks or months, however.

I wanted to start this blog because of my inherited wanderlust from my mother. She always wanted travel adventures worth reading about—so I’m writing it down for her sake. I hope she likes them.

I hope you will like them too.

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