Cairo The Conqueror

Cairo, Egypt is a must visit city. The city has been around for thousands of years and its name translates in Arabic to “Al Qahera” which means “the conqueror” an indication of its ability to stand tall against all invaders, and there have been many. Being Egypt’s capital also makes it the most technologically advanced of all of Egypt’s cities and foreigners would find most of the services they need day to day.

The best place to stay in Cairo would be in a hotel near the Nile which is the 2nd longest river in the world following the Amazon River. The hotels there have a beautiful view as they overlook the Nile and some even get a view of the great pyramids of Giza. They’re also a few minutes away from the historical Tahrir square which was home to one of the greatest revolutions in history: the 25th of January revolution.

In Tahrir square tourists will also be able to visit the Egyptian Museum which is a host to hundreds and hundreds of Pharaonic artifacts, monuments, and even mummies. In the Egyptian Museum you get to see and learn about the world’s oldest civilization first hand. There are also many restaurants surrounding the Nile and you can even rent a boat and take a ride in the beautiful weather.

Cairo’s biggest sellers have to be one of the world’s wonders: the great pyramids of Giza. Technically located in another city, the pyramids aren’t that far away from the Nile and are a site to behold. There are multiple activities at the pyramids as tourists can ride horses/camels, play games, and buy souvenirs. Tourists can also enter the pyramids themselves! Just make sure you’re not claustrophobCairo The Conqueroric.

More places to visit in Cairo include Borg Al Qahera which is one of the tallest buildings in Egypt and Salah ElDin’s citadel which is located almost in the center of the city and is host to one of the greatest mosques in Egypt.

Overall a trip to Cairo is necessary for all of its wonders and the unique experience. Just be prepared for some traffic jams and try to avoid going in the summer as temperatures can reach up to 45 degrees Celsius. Egyptians are mostly kindhearted and will welcome you as one of their own. You’ll find that almost all workers in tourist areas speak English which should make the trip more convenient.

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