Have you ever seen the film The Terminal?


It’s this 2004 movie with Tom Hanks and Catherine Zeta-Jones where Tom plays this guy called Viktor Navorski who gets trapped in an airport for nearly a year because of a conflict in his fictional home country that then cancelled out his visa. A delay is one the traveler’s arch nemeses and while not all of them last quite that long, sometimes they might as well feel like them.


Having said that—I wouldn’t mind getting stuck in Changi Airport for a few months, if you know what I’m saying.



What’s so special about Changi Airport?


Changi Airport has been voted the Best Airport in the World, and this is not something that anyone should take for granted.


Some well-to-do students from nearby countries even do so much as fly over to Changi Airport just for the weekend for a quick getaway, or just some time to study in an area with some of the world’s fastest wifi. It’s a great place to shop, chill, and even have a few adventures!


There are luxuries everywhere from the shops down to the sleekly carpeted floors. There are even desktops and massage chairs planted strategically throughout the area for weary travelers who need to check or update some things, or just need to put their tired feet up. I know I used up a lot of time on their massage chairs for my aching feet—Changi Airport is absolutely huge and there’s so much to see!


In fact, the care doesn’t stop there are Changi Airport does have snooze lounges available for people who are stuck in there for quite a long layover. It feels as if you’re staying in a five star hotel, with the way they treat you there, and it’s so different from the other airport experiences that I’ve had. Its staff are friendly, helpful, and a lot of them are actually multilingual so there’s hardly even a language barrier!



Adventures at Changi


If you know me, you know that I’ll never pass up an opportunity for a quick adventure. And Changi Airport is full of them as there are seven beautiful gardens with such incredible sights to see!


John, of course, was absolutely taken with the Butterfly Garden—and I don’t blame him! Not just for the pretty, fluttering wings but there were also so many beautiful and rare plants in their garden that it felt like you were in some kind of fairytale. For a while, I’d thought that I was already too old for fairytales and that I’d grown out of them. This kind of life has taught me differently!


The fun doesn’t stop there as Changi Airport also has a free indoor pool! Yes, an actual pool inside an airport! And it’s free for public use—how absolutely incredible is that? And if that’s not enough, there’s also a cinema (that is also free) and a game station so you can entertain yourself and pass the time. What kind of airport even does this?


(Really, I wish all airports had this. I’d love to take a dip and catch the latest Disney film while trapped in a seemingly endless layover!)


And of course, you can’t talk about the adventures in Changi Airport without talking about its massive slide. That thing is bloody huge and terrifying – but of course, John and I went for it. (It was a tiny bit humiliating having to queue up for the world’s largest slides and have the people next to you be kids around the ages of 12-16; luckily, we weren’t the only the adults who wanted to go so we didn’t feel too bad!) It only cost S$10 to go on the 12-metre slide – that’s nearly 4 stories tall, mind you! – and honestly, it’s worth every cent. It’s so exhilarating! I genuinely still have trouble picturing this as an airport, really—but once you get to Changi Airport, you’ll know.


Singapore is a wonderful country with many charming, hidden gems – like that one crepe shop that I found in Bugis Village where I had the greatest crepe of my life, but that’s a story for another time – and it’s great to know that the adventure begins right at the airport. And it’s no boring walkthrough where you just wait and stay still, either. Find out for yourself, if you don’t believe me!


Anyway, that’s all from me. Hope you’re well. See ya!


Winnie x


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